ithinkasia: The Who, Part Two

Photo: ithinkasia
Photo: ithinkasia

Following up on Part One (Lee!) from the ithinkasia blog series comes Naome. One of the warmest and vibrant people I’ve met here, it was such a pleasure getting to know her better and I love to keep an eye on what she’s doing through Facebook and social media.

An integral part of the team, Naome is proof that strong, smart, independent women are all part of what’s going to push the industry forward.

A little to read here:

“Naome is part of a movement in the outlet of creativity in a new generation; changing the face of what individuality and an eye for style means in The Kingdom of Wonder. Her quiet confidence radiates even as she sits with her back facing to me while I speak with her colleagues, the determination to perfect a project looming. I can tell that Naome definitely has a strong inclination towards the sartorial side of the industry and with her finger on the pulse of fashion, she injects her energy and sunny disposition into her work whether it be educational or entertainment. Initially what sparked this interest in fashion was a fashion styling course that opened her eyes to a world she feels exceptionally vivacious about. While it’s a difficult industry, I sense that her dedication will help her push through in ways that other girls and women in Cambodia simply haven’t been able to do yet. Naome has the drive, the vision, and is willing to work- creating the perfect canvas for her to rise up and make a splash.”

And click on to get to know Naome for yourself on ithinkasia’s site

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