Abyss through the lens.

Abyss Anna Mischke

Congrats to Jeremie Montesuiss of Film Noir Studio for getting his Glamazon: Abyss images published in HUF!

Take a peek (and read a little snippet I wrote)!

Or read/see here:

“The magnum opus of The Dollhouse Salon, Glamazon: Abyss left a glittery trail in the wake of the highly anticipated avant garde show. With performances from the fabulous Jujubee from RuPaul’s Drag Race and rising star Nikki, a Cambodian songstress along with striking transformations and the stunning avant garde segment- Glamazon: Abyss had the audience’s jaws dropping. Ryan Drew Taylor and Brandon Lee, owners and operators of The Dollhouse, shared this last installation of the striking trilogy with an invite only show that delved into the deepest and darkest parts of their imagination. Through each ensemble and costume came a different fit of fancy, something fantastical and unknown to land dwellers and the narrow minded. Dive deep into the Abyss to uncover the drama.”


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