From sea to shining sea.


Well friends, the holiday season- in Cambodia, that is- is now over until the excitement of Pchum Benh builds in September. We’ve gotten to enjoy 5 day weekends, 2 day work weeks, and a few random days off thrown in for the past few months and I had definitely gotten used to it with days full of cat naps, ordering in, and writing to my hearts content both publicly and privately, for work and for pleasure.

Since it’s some serious grind time back in the office and a full week back, I’ve got to make sure to focus on what I’m doing today, right now, and how it’s going to effect me in the moment- not necessarily six months down the road. Oh, the pain of not over planning! With plans for trips to Bangkok, Scotland, Dublin, and a jaunt back to Seattle and Vancouver in the Fall- it’s become difficult to keep my thoughts from wandering to shopping havens, castles, abundant cheeses, Loch Ness, and the friends and family I miss so much who I’ll finally reunite with! While I know it’s impossible to not think of those exciting times to come, it is good to keep my plate full and my hands busy until then. Although there are some freelance projects I’m still enjoying working on and others that I wish would just wrap the hell up, I always look forward to the next task, the next article, the next endeavor- and love to see those around me doing the same. I am always enthused by the people around me who have the ability to do more than one thing at a time…we like to call that multitasking (for those who can’t manage it)…and can’t wait for the next exciting thing to pop up that will get the creative juices flowing.

Still though, even at my busiest- I try and make time to keep up with friends across the world. Especially those that inspire and uplift. When scrolling through the endless social network feeds (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) I realize how much I’ve missed in the almost two years since I’ve lived in Phnom Penh. Babies have been born, buns are currently in the oven, people age- as they do, friends have gotten married, houses bought, careers begun, relationships bloomed all alongside breakups, losses, death, and heartache. I begin to wonder if I’ll ever really be able to make up for that time. I for sure won’t be able to grasp the weight and emotion of the first birthdays, the first dances, and the last breaths- but I feel that those that I’m still closely connected with will fall right back into place. That all those landmark moments that I may have missed physically will just be transferred over emotionally whenever I do see them and that thank goodness for social media and technology, we’re able to keep in touch from sea to shining sea.

I hope that’s the case, at least. It seems that my core, close knit group of friends have been doing their own multitasking and killing it in each of their own fields. From my closest friend and dedicated scholar Mills to the brilliant photographer Adrian to stylists extraordinaire and vintage curators Brooke and Nick Casanova to the sweet and sartorial savvy Jordan to interior design perfectionist and new(ish) mother Reina to musical muse and business partner Jesse to my effervescent and dedicated sisters Rachel and Hilary to the wittiest, funniest pixie Sally to the most fun and lively (and McDonald’s eating) doctor Nina to pen and pencil wielding artist Adam and his incredible wife, Savannah, and growing family to the fitness and health guru Nikki and basically the entire Miller family (my second family)- I am so honored to call these people my friends, my muses, and my inspirations. So an e-cheers to all my talented, complicated, wonderful friends who I have missed so many moments with. You are wonderful, and I miss you all.

While making solid friends in The sometimes un-Charming City is never an easy task with the constant comings and goings, ebb and flow of social energy, and caution when opening your life to someone in a sometimes toxic world of expats, it can be disheartening to think I will ever connect to the extent that I have with my soulmate buds back home. But I know that with time, wine, and plenty of patience- the friendships  I have begun will flourish and grow and like the country itself, will emerge and change as each month passes.

Now back to work! (and loving life)

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