Cat on a hot tin roof.

Photo: Aimee Han
Photo: Aimee Han

Actually, more like cat in a sweltering apartment even with two air conditioners on 16 degrees and shades drawn and whining like a baby.

While I read notifications and status updates from my friends rejoicing 80 degree weather back in Washington, I would be thrilled for different reasons. It would give me a chance to throw on a cashmere sweater, maybe boil a pot of mint medley tea, snuggle under my Restoration Hardware Sable faux fur throw, and tuck into a good book but no, no, no– on a cooler day during hot season in The Charming City I get to drip sweat at 97 degrees Fahrenheit the moment I step outside the door until I cocoon myself into a frigidly cold office. Cold enough that I can eat Tomato soup for lunch and sip ginger tea! That is one thing I did miss during the holiday this week- massive air conditioners without having to pay a utility bill at the end of the month.

But what’s my little survival kit for when I am hanging about the apartment on a particularly sweaty day? I find the following things come in handy:

1. Satin Victoria’s Secret Pajama set (shorts, obviously) Lightweight, comfortable, and fresh- they’re a must. Same goes for silk or satin nighties, camisoles, and sleep shorts.

2. Avene Thermal Spring Water. Mist this every few hours (or minutes) to cool down and refresh that sticky skin

3. Aveda Blue Oil. Once I made the mistake of slathering this all over my body after a shower in Washington in the dead of  winter. Turns out it literally chills your skin. Adding a few drops to your moisturizer or even applying directly to the skin will give you tingly, minty, and above all- cooled down flesh.

4. Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 in Mint. When you’re sitting under an air conditioner all day, your lips are bound to get a bit dry. Not only does  the formula protect and heal, it imparts a delicious mint flavor that you might just want to share :)

5. 100plus Original flavor. It’s like the big, mature sister of Gatorade. With it’s hydrating properties and vitamins, it lacks the shocking artificial color that most energy drinks glare at you with and has just enough bubble to keep you refreshed throughout the day. Oh, and while we’re on the topic of drinks- CHILLED COCONUT WATER. I cannot even begin to delve into the benefits, but it’s delicious as all get out so who cares.

6. Batiste Dry Shampoo. When you’re sweating like mad, your hair is bound to get a bit soggy. If you’d prefer not to be showering every half hour, point the nozzle of this baby at your roots and watch your limp, damp hair go to dry and voluptuous.

7. And if you do plan on venturing out into the scorching sun: don’t forget your freaking sunscreen. Seriously. I highly doubt anyone wants to look like a leather bag in ten years. Go for 50+, Avene, of course being my favorite.

So those of you swanning about Golden Gate park in your shorts and Reed’s Ginger Beer- consider yourself lucky. Not only because temperatures hitting the 80s is a treat for you, but that you’ll get some respite from it eventually!



p.s. friends coming in October- please don’t let this post frighten you off. By the time you arrive, things will have cooled to your ideal temperature and while you may still be rocking shorts and tank tops- I’ll probably be in leggings. x

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