Year 33: Darkness ends, art revives

Year 33

Several months ago when I was at my previous job at the magazine, I connected with Kathryn, a key player and piece of the team of directors and producers of Year 33 to do a piece on the feature length documentary. A co-founder and producer for Sueno Documentary Films alongside Co-founder Janna Watkins, both on the Selection Committee of the Cambodia Town Film Festival, we have managed to stay in touch from LA to Phnom Penh and with building excitement, share our projects. Without further adieu:

Year 33 that is now coming into existence through Kickstarter!

Following the lives of three young Khmer artists Narim, Vanny, and Viet- all with varied skills and talents- the Year 33 team produced a film that captures what the Khmer Rouge were unable to take away from this generation: art, stories, and the passion for creation.

Year 33 the film is complete, now they need your help in raising funds going towards post production and releasing to the public.

In sharing these people’s stories, Year 33 puts it perfectly:

But where there is determination there is hope, and where there is hope there is progress.

“Today, Cambodia’s next generation is standing up with resilience, pushing to discover themselves by integrating ancient techniques with contemporary art. This revival can be seen from the largest theaters down to the smallest back alleys and is nothing short of astounding. It is innovative, exciting, and new, while also completely true to the Khmer culture.

We peek into the lives of each character for an intimate glimpse into the realities artists face in one of the poorest countries in the world. These hardworking artists exemplify the dedication needed to catalyze change, surmounting a myriad of obstacles from their past, present, and future.

Through telling their stories, we aim to both empower the Cambodian art community, inspire audiences worldwide, and catalyze meaningful action to connect the two.”

Let’s help them reach their goal and help highlight the importance, vitality, and strength of a country and it’s people that was once in ruins- but has so much yet to offer.

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