Hedi Slimane


For years now, Hedi Slimane has been a favorite photographer of mine.

While he’s well known for his mark in the fashion industry and post at Dior Homme &  Saint Laurent, I’ve followed  his work, specifically the black and white film. I was first introduced to his photography around 2008 when many of my favorite images were taken. Capturing classic Americana, the innocence, rawness, and the neediness of young adulthood; it spoke to me.

I’ve recently just come upon his work again by chance. Per usual, heavily influenced by young, carefree males in their natural habitats but flecked with images that are difficult to forget.

00010_055 00070_070 00110_018 Alison01_406 CF01047  `6 CF002469 CF006152 CF010315 CF017759 CF019620 CF021445 CutB-025-3_03 Frances_02_051 HALLOWEENOC201348-private highschoolrodeo230 copy-private IMG_1855 IMG_1971


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