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Kep polaroid

Go, go, go! That’s how I’ve felt since I last posted my travel essentials entry before our departure to Kep for the Khmer holiday, Pchum Ben. It’s not a feeling one usually has before departing for a vacation full of naps, snacks, and lounging- yet somehow it feels like October is quickly disappearing and with that time, so do opportunities.

Our time at Raingsey Bungalows was peaceful, relaxing, and exactly what a vacation should be; we never left the resort once, imbibed in a few bottles of delicious pinot, and soaked up the bouts of sun that would make their way through the constant showers while reading books of our choices.

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Travel necessities: the Mischke way.


It’s been quite a while since my last lay-around-and-do-nothing vacation, so this upcoming trip to Kep is much looked forward to.

We’ll be staying at the Raingsey Bungalows, which have received excellent reviews from various booking sites. Known for its succulent crab (can’t partake due to serious allergies), gorgeous mountains, and hidden exploratory gems- Kep should be the ideal getaway for the Cambodian holiday, Pchum Ben.

For someone who likes to double check, sometimes triple (quadruple…) everything- I find it’s sometimes best to just throw everything into a satchel the morning of travel and if anything is left behind- too bad!

Since I’ve been able to do a bit of  traveling here and there around the country for the past year- I’ve gotten down pat what usually needs to be taken. I thought I’d share a few travel essentials that make traveling light (one small bag, ladies and germs!) and easy.

(I know this is going to look like a pure joke to travelers who really are making treks, traveling hard from country to country, and do it all with one or two outfits through the wind, sun, cold, and elements. This post, my friends, is not for you.)

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