The family tree.


It wasn’t until getting off the phone with our dear family friend, Tina, yesterday that I realized that I had been quite mum about well, my mum’s marriage.

Respecting the new Mr. and Mrs. Kovats’ wishes, I had managed to keep my big trap shut for what felt like forever (one week) about their wedding that I just kind of let it slide. Even after the news went “public”, I failed to mention the newlyweds even after it happened…which is ridiculous: it should be shouted from the rooftops! The wedding was short, intimate, beautifully direct, beyond sweet, and exactly what I would imagine a perfect union to be for them. After, we celebrated with beer, mimosas, burgers, and pizza  and once we gorged, away they went in his little convertible back to Gig Harbor.

George, also known as Geza, has been a new and stunningly, surprisingly delightful addition to our family. My last entry was about weddings (my friends, and secretly that of my mom’s) and now that I may share their news- I do so with such warmth it’s difficult to convey properly. My story, and my family’s story is not a simple one. Between multiple marriages, adoptions, deaths, and nephews and nieces older than some of their aunts- things get kind of confusing. We are beyond what you’d consider a blended family, we’re more of a sliced, diced, and thrown into the frying pan type of family. And with that type of preparation comes the most delicious types of relationships!

Thinking of all the aspects of family and the unconventionality of it struck me; none of this is simple. None of the relationships are simple and our family tree is like a complex willow or bonsai rather than a no frills maple.As we expand and join in community with the Kovats clan, it only continues to branch out and flourish- making it the most intertwined, beautiful tree that will only grow…and grow…and grow.

I will admit: it’s been difficult learning to share my mom and try and really, completely release her into this new relationship particularly when I stand in solitude. My wine drinking, sappy movie watching partner now has a husband and I’m a few steps behind in the conventional life setup than my friends which does leave things a bit lonely at times. Overall though, I can only delight in the man she has found to be her anchor in this season of life. Someone to take care of her spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally and who dotes on her just as a Mischke woman should be doted upon.

I knew that moving back to Washington from Cambodia this past year was important for many reasons; I couldn’t quite put my finger on them at the time and this shows to be one of the biggest. I expect now to continually be caught unexpectedly by astounding blessings and can’t wait for the next ten months to come. Because if this much good has come within the first few months of 2016- I can only imagine the thrills to be had.

An embrace to the new Mr. and Mrs.Kovats: I love you as deeply and widely as the sea reaches…and we’ve only just toed the tides at this point.







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