The bells.

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This weekend was special for a few reasons: the biggest, having the honor of being with my amazing family-to-be.  Spending time with Robin and her lovely sister and mom (who I have a feeling are going to become very special people in my life!) as she found the most perfect vintage wedding dress from UrbanXChange was a highlight that delights and warms me each time I think of her floating in a haze of laced white.

I am in four weddings this year and honored to be in each of them for so many reasons, some different and some the same. Some large and abundant and some quiet and private, some in Washington and some in Asia and South Africa (eee!)—it’s really something magical to see each bride near or far go through the process of planning the day that will unite them with their future husbands- all of whom I love as family already.

Each woman, each bride- is so special in her own way. They’re all so magically different yet so similar and I’m in awe of their patience, understanding, amazing ability to “Pinterest”, and I haven’t dealt with a Bridezilla (yet…and ladies, if it happens- I adore you anyway). It intrigues and delights seeing what venues they choose and the dresses they want to wear and the dresses they want us to wear and the color schemes and the flower arrangements not because any of that holds much of particular interest to me- but because it shows me another level of my friend’s personality. The things they appreciate, the things that speak love to them, the things that make them happy: this all comes out during the planning process. It’s almost as if I’m studying them anthropologically, in a very The Knot meets Martha Stewart kind of way.  Which for me is something totally new, because weirdly enough I’d almost been in their spots once or twice.

There is so much more I wish I could do for these extraordinary, unique women. Whether it be engaging with them more time wise, giving feedback and insights, shoulders to cry on during inevitable “what the hell am I doing?” moments, and even to just be there next to them, skimming through ad-riddled magazines filled with ridiculous dresses and stupid expensive weddings. Each of their wedding days is going to be so very diverse and distinctly them and I rejoice for each occasion. To see the personalities of the brides and grooms make their way into the ceremonies- or non ceremonies- and words and music and people…it’ll be such an insight into the future they have and to hold together.

For those who I have already celebrated your union with, I am so unequivocally overjoyed for your blessed, beautiful unification and for those who I have yet to stand next to at the altar (or wherever) know that you are on my mind daily. I’m so happy for you, your families, and your future spouses and anxiously, excitedly wait for the time we toast to you.


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