Abyss, the perfect storm.

Ryan werkin' it

The night before I left for Scotland, I dipped down into the deep dark ocean of avant garde in The Dollhouse’s annual and final Glamazon show. It was stunning send off and went by like a monsoon, leaving everyone in it’s wake covered in glitter and hairspray. I’ve shared articles in the past about Glamazon, with its jaw dropping ensembles, funky transformations, and choreographed drama but Glamazon: Abyss being the last installment of the show felt very different.

I won’t rehash everything about the past shows or go into mighty detail about this one, even. The only thing I could walk away with from the event was that I could feel the massive amount of energy, emotion, and time it took to create the aura and the striking memory of Abyss. Every nuance, extra piece of synthetic hair, bejeweled finger, or water colored eyelid proved this.

I think everyone after their final walk had a tear in their eye, whether from relief of the show being finished, that it was the last, or from the emotional bonds that many created over the time working on this together. It was incredible being backstage and witnessing the reactions everyone had from giddily jumping up and down (careful in those heels!) to utter exhaustion.

I want to thank The Dollhouse owners and my dear friends, Ryan and Brandon, for allowing me to partake in this brilliant event once again. They spent hours curating each look, finding each piece, and fitting each of us to size- not to mention arranging an incredible track, intimate venue, and an array of models of all looks and types. What they’ve done by introducing this type of event to Cambodia is massive, whether they comprehend that now (I’ll bet they’re exhausted still!) Also to Brooke from Kitty Demolition Beauty Services for her amazing skills with a makeup brush and creating every makeup look for the avant garde show. I’m in awe of her ability to take a blank canvas and turn it into something artful, whether whimsical or alienesque. Thank you to Innov8, particularly Yulia, and their hard word in finding sponsors (thanks sponsors!) and making sure everything fell into place, even when it seemed chaotic. Thanks lastly but definitely not least to Jujubee for your thrilling performances, I still have “Chandelier” stuck in my head when I wake up every morning! You and Chris are inspiring.


And a massive thank you to everyone else who helped, prepped, and did their part in creating a memory making event.

Glamazon: Abyss, way to float ahead and away in style.

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