Glamazon: Abyss

Glamazon: Abyss

Last year there was Glamazon 2.0: Too Much is Never Enough: it was grandeur in a glossy bottle and I was delighted to take part in the avant garde segment of the second show during my first year of living in Phnom Penh.

Stepping into the limelight this year in sky high heels and mass amounts of glimmer comes Glamazon: Abyss. I’m looking forward to being part of the anticipated event once again and had the chance to write up an article for WUPP! to share a bit more about what to look forward to. Throw on some neoprene and get ready to dive in!

Glamazon Abyss


Glamazon: Abyss, the Final Tidal Wave of Glitz

Fashionistas, glamour queens and kings, and the glitterati of the city rejoice! Glamazon returns for what promises to be yet another eye popping event. As highlighted by The Dollhouse, the brainchild salon behind each sparkling show, 2014 will offer the final installment of the Glamazon trilogy in a wave of stunning flotsam and jetsam.

Initially brought to life to showcase the talents of The Dollhouse team and give back to their clients in 2012, the first show of its kind came to The Kingdom of Wonder, Glamazon: A Feast of Extravagance wowing crowds with undeniably fierce looks of bubbles and baubles and color palettes abounding. Followed by Glamazon 2.0: Too Much is Never Enough in 2013 with rave reviews and a cloud of excitement pre and post show, there are plenty awaiting for the next Glamazon production. On August 15th, 2014 The Dollhouse Cambodia and Innov8 International group present Glamazon: Abyss. With the first two shows reflecting The Dollhouse founders’ personal tastes, backgrounds, and aspirations, Abyss focuses solely on fantasy, imagination, and to all the places the mind wanders in fits of fancy and bouts of daydreams.

For those who attended Glamazon 2.0: Too Much is Never Enough at NagaWorld Casino, sparkling memories of shocking transformations from everyday basic to runway chic, models cloaked in extravagant furs crawling the catwalk to thumping bass, incredible talons, quirky neon ensembles teetering to bubbling tunes, mischievous costumes strutting to edgy beats, and ooh and ahh inducing creations come to mind. International star and queen of all things drama, JuJubee belted out fervent renditions of some of the most popular international songs, performances of elaborate and emotive dance from talent of the Phnom Penh Central School of Ballet led by Stephen Bimson, and breathtaking music sung by the highly popular Rhiannon Johnson created an ideal setup for the conceptual and thrilling visions of hair, makeup, and inventive costuming. Behind the scenes a mass of wigs, sky high heels, glitter, sequins, lengthy feathered lashes, and many a stud (both metal and male) scurried to make the production the success it was- a frenzy of fabulous.

When chatting with The Dollhouse owners, Ryan Drewe Taylor and Brandon Lee, their passion for Glamazon is evident with Brandon sharing, “I don’t want to release too much but we have pushed our creative limits and promise something spectacular.” Even with their vim and vigor, putting together an event such as Glamazon can be overwhelming and challenging in Cambodia. With the lack of resources, proper styling assistance, and overall deficient fashion scene- frequent trips to Bangkok and working closely with local tailors for custom made getups are all part of the hectic process that make Glamazon the famed occasion it has come to be. Beginning the planning process over six months before the impending show after taking a break from the last, the thought put into each look, transformation of the before and after models, and sourcing can be draining: audiences are always shocked at how intricate each look is and how much time is put into each model’s visage. While it can be tricky to up their game each year and pull together entirely new looks, anyone who has been part of or witnessed Glamazon can see and feel the amount of dedication and energy put into the experience.

With a new type of show put on by the city’s most popular salon and stylists with different twists and new forms of excitement arriving in 2015, now is the time to go all out. Jujubee, of course, is always a highly anticipated attraction for Glamazon for her worldwide popularity and head turning presence will MC and host along with her daring and scintillating performances. A new addition this year for the show will be exhilarating pieces from the popular up and coming Cambodian songstress Nikki. For Glamazon: Abyss, the show will consist of two segments: the transformation piece in which Brandon explains, “Transformation is where we choose your everyday women and give them a hair make over” and the avant garde, where energy is spent to “create unconventional and fantasy hair which provokes the audiences’ imagination.”

Many artists of all types are heavily involved to create a perfect setting for a striking affair. Showcasing collections from the highly sought after Cambodian fashion line, Ambré, for the adored transformation series, makeup artistry from skilled international beautifier Brooke Scobie of Kitty Demolition Beauty Services for the coveted, jaw dropping avant garde, and excellent makeup from NYX Cosmetics: the blend of talent and tools for a deliciously daring circus of magnificence are all at hand.  Glamazon: Abyss will follow the well heeled footsteps of its preceding shows with the official after party at the show’s location, CodeRED Cambodia with The Charming City’s favorite DJs, KIMCHI Collective, at the turntables.

While this may be the last of the Glamazon set, The Dollhouse cheekily taunt “The Dollhouse still has many tricks up its sleeve; you have to watch this space!” And watch it we will, waiting for the delightfully shocking…just like the things that come from the depth of the mysterious and siren-calling sea.

Photos from Glamazon 2.0: Too Much is Never Enough courtesy of Film Noir Studio, Kampuchea Party Republic

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