“Black Magic” & Photo Roll 13.

"Black Magic"

I was extraordinarily pleased with this editorial I shot early last month with the energetic and dynamic photographer Jack Malipan and creative and skilled hair stylist Ryan Drewe Taylor from The Dollhouse. Shooting in an oil slicked auto parts garage surrounded by rusted nuts and bolts wasn’t glamorous in any way especially when I saw a cockroach scurry across a pair of the wardrobe shoes.  Balancing in five inch wedges and a dress that barely covered my cake as onlookers gawked wasn’t easy either, but the results were entirely worth it. Who can complain when you’re working with such a great team? I absolutely adore working with these talents and look forward for more to come.

Black Magic 3 Black Magic2

p.s. a few more photos of the past few months of this and that in gallery

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