Move to Cambodia.

Planning things is important to me. I really like lists, of the shopping and to-do variety in particular, and I feel like I’m missing an extremity when I don’t have my planner (paper! oldschool!) at hand. So when I decided firmly that I wanted to move to Cambodia, I spent hours online searching for blogs (Dear Lady Expat) and resources that would help me plan as much as possible for my future expat life to be.

Move to Cambodia

I now know that its a bit ridiculous to try to understand the life you may lead across the world and that all the knowledge gleaned doesn’t really make all that big of a difference once you’re there. However, it would have given me some peace of mind if I had been a little more sleuth savvy and found Move to Cambodia by Lina Goldberg.

This read, a perfect 200 pages, is the expat’s field guide to life in Cambodia. Whether giving a detailed yet interesting overview of Khmer history and culture or helping give an idea about cost of living, Move to Cambodia should be the number one purchase item for anyone interested in picking up from their current lives and exploring life in the Kingdom of Wonder.

Now if only I could get some of my best friends to move out here…

Order a copy on Amazon for only $11.66 or pop it onto your Kindle for a steal at $6.99.

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