1. Love this picture! Love both of you too! Sheila, I pray that your hopes and dreams for David’s visit come true.

  2. Oh Anna, your Mom is such a beautiful person. I can absolutely tell where you get your charisma and kindness from! She made John and I feel so welcome and included at the .Beyond party on Wednesday – as did you, you gorgeous gal! I felt like I wanted to meet her so much after all the fantastic things you said about her when we first met, and she was even more wonderful than I expected.
    I hope that everything goes beautifully when her fella comes to visit. Fingers crossed for Mama Mischke! xx

  3. Your Mom is such a kind and welcoming person! I totally see where you get your charisma and gorgeous outlook on life. It was just so wonderful to meet her on Wednesday. Would love to get the chance to sit around and talk with her again :)

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