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The History of Things to Come.

Vintage Pinup

Amanda Bloom is a triple threat. She’s known in Phnom Penh particularly for her music, composition, and stage presence along with her authentic, dress-up fabulous vintage pop-up sales she has been hosting for the past three years since she has lived in Cambodia, gorgeously titled “The History of Things to Come”, along with a compelling mind rich with knowledge on the projects she’s involved in. Amanda is passionate when the topic of vintage arises, as it truly is her lifeblood, an integral part of her personal history, and has been in a way methodically soothing to her in many ways which is apparent as she softly says in one part of our discussion, “I love the little details of vintage, the things that surprise you. The details in the buttons…the pleating… the garment…”

I had a chance to sit down with Amanda over a glass of white wine, raw almonds, and kittens to discuss why she conducts The History of Things to Come and what sparked her initial interest in vintage. One of my dear friends back home, Brooke Casanova, is a vintage connoisseur of sorts and loves a great find- so it was of particular interest to me in how Ms. Bloom runs her business, why she does it, and how she manages her product and client base with an increasing, sometimes fraudulent, vintage market growing in The Charming City.

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