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This past weekend I worked with rising star and Cambodian singer Nikki, who I featured in my last post for her VEVO music video “Home For Dinner”. She had decided to cover Sia’s song “Titanium” to add to her growing collection of YouTube vids and wanted to create a video that showed her take on women of today and the power they hold: to please, to hurt, to change.

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Art, Cambodia, lifestyle, Music, Phnom Penh

Home for dinner.

I have had the lovely pleasure of working with Nikki on a number of projects from the lookbook campaign for Tonlé to the opening of Paperdolls and Paperboy at Brown 57 and an upcoming video. She’s such a talent with a warm spirit, plenty of passion, and a voice that will carry Cambodia to the ears of people across the globe.

It’s amazing to see creation, vision, and authenticity coming out of a country where individuality is only slowly becoming something to strive for. I’m so proud of Nikki for the release of her own video, written and recorded here in Phnom Penh, “Home For Dinner”. Keep an eye out for more projects to come from the songstress ;)