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Photo Credit: Nataly Lee

Photo Credit: Nataly Lee

The times are few nowadays when I can or want to sit down and look at the same photos repeatedly- especially if they’re of places, people, or things I see recurring in my day to day.

I do cherish going through old photos of friends and family, I always have. As a little girl and to this day, would sit with the thickly bound photo albums my mother so carefully crafted and kept throughout my sister and my childhoods to reminisce and create stories and simply be back in each moment, whether in Albania with my skinny cat, gathering sticks at the Oregon Coast, or placing a set of Minnie Mouse ears atop my dad’s head.

A few years ago, I was a tumblr fanatic- looking, posting, reblogging, looking more- into the wee hours of the morning. Now, I prefer to scribble and plan and write and sleep. However, when Nataly Lee launched her photo blog today- I was enthralled by the stories she managed to tell through the lens. She brought the viewer in, and wouldn’t let them go. Each detail, each soft nuance- makes me want to go back and look one more time…just in case I missed anything.

Visit her page, a.hä! for whimsical yet rich photos, bound to pull you in to a world you may just have skipped over.

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Off The Wall. March 25, 2013.

Twenty six artists were asked to create a piece of artwork with a skateboard deck as the canvas embodying their childhoods. I was happy to visit the Teo + Namfah gallery on the exhibition’s opening night to view some whimsical and interesting pieces at Off The Wall. Thanks to curator, Nataly Lee, for heading up such a fantastic concept for artists in Cambodia.  These are a few of my personal favorites.

Teo+Namfah Gallery at #21 Street 214.

All skateboards will be sold at a silent auction which ends March 31.

Reserve price is $100 per skateboard.