Something new.


Over the past few months I have been working my little caboose off towards something I am extremely, legitimately excited for. It seems that time and effort has paid off.

That work, along with guidance from a brilliant team of professionals who I have a feeling are going to be great friends (Keller Williams and Team Andy Taylor Homes- ya’ll are gems), support from my ceaselessly loving friends and family, blessing after blessing, and a whole lot of takeout has gotten me to the launching pad that will take me into my next career: I am officially a real estate agent.

After a heavily studied for test, I passed both exams this past Friday to extreme relief, tears of joy, and an enveloping hug when I asked the H&R Block receptionist if she would give me one when I found out I had made the cut.

It’s interesting: I’ve heard from some people that this route is the ideal path for me with my mindset and personality, even received random business cards off the streets of New York from brokers wanting to interview..hmm. Then the complete opposite from others who more acutely tap into my artistic side, maybe not fully understanding that at this point I think that all aspects can be tied together to create something that will ultimately be a win all around!

Making this decision to dive into the real estate market didn’t come black and white, in fact in came in a flurry of shades both colorful and gray. After coming to an end with my last company which was so drastically different from the type of company and interactions I’m having now and doing freelance gigs that are on the complete opposite side of the spectrum didn’t exactly scream “GET INTO REAL ESTATE”. And that’s something I appreciate most about this new venture: it wasn’t an overly planned, carefully thought out process- it just happened, and it feels right. More than right, because when I wake up to the cold, foggy mornings (and I am NOT an early bird) I don’t dread heading into the office. I don’t shirk from picking up that phone or connecting with people.

Absolutely there are going to be days -including Mondays- that I want to break down and cry and probably will and that things are going to be tough and I have a ton to learn. Like a crazy, lifetime amount of things to learn and I better never stop learning. But today? I welcome that challenge (maybe not so much the math stuff) but I am willing to accept and foresee days of frustration and times of trial to kickstart this thing into gear.

I know how difficult it can be in the midst of transitioning. Not knowing where you’re going to be living, not understanding what you want or even if you want it how you’re going to get to that place, maybe knowing exactly what you want but just not quite getting there, feeling like you’re lost in your own hometown and just kind of drifting? I understand those feelings well. I remember during the midst of moving out of my childhood home after my dad died what a creepy feeling it was and how it felt like another loss- but it also felt right. It was time to find a new shell to live in and make a home. And many a shell I have filled myself and created homes, and I couldn’t have done that without the assistance from the people I trusted to help me get into those places to nest and to rest.

I hope that for the people I have the honor to work with as their agent in the future I may alleviate some of that stress and worry that comes with such a massive change and replace that with calm, excitement (because it’s freaking exciting!), and understanding that they will find comfort. Being the conduit they use choose to get to that place?

That’s going to feel like a million bucks.


Note: apologies for any typos or anything of that sort; my computer decided to crash the day before my exams and my dish of a friend Sally has allowed me to use hers for this :)

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