Over the past few months, I’ve gotten a number of emails, inquiries, and calls regarding work at Ladies Magazine. Since it’s now been seven months since I’ve left my post as Managing Editor- I figure I would throw it out there via blog that I am no longer an employee there after deciding to move forward into a different industry.

Now -as mentioned in several previous posts- which leads me to think that no one asking about Ladies really reads this thing anyway- I work for an insurance company, Forte, which has been successfully in business since 2000 and is now the leader in insurance coverage in Cambodia.

Seriously though, who ever thought I would end up in this field? Not me. I definitely enjoyed my days as a data entry and title specialist working for Miller & Associates back in Tacoma alongside being the women’s buyer for local boutique, Bleach- but insurance never really fit the “Anna” bill as far as interests and general skills- or so I thought. Even though I’m in the corporate world of sales, networking events, and learning market stats and monetary trends- I still get my fix of style, beauty, and personal enjoyment through freelance projects like writing, modeling, and consulting.

Since joining Forte, it’s been a lot of learning. Like semesters in a classroom type learning, but in the work force with feet on the ground: just the way I like it. I specialize in helping companies implement health insurance and employee benefits, the main reason I took the job in the first place. I think it’s incredibly important on a personal level that health coverage is given to employees, especially if they are in high risk positions or have been with the company loyally. It also shows a step towards growth in Cambodia and moving towards international standards. I also focus on our high end medical insurance policy, Medi+, for both expats and local residents.

Recently I followed a Q&A with Cambodia’s go-to for all things helpful, Move to Cambodia, about insurance- go ahead and read it here! Your bank, body, and mindset might just be a bit more comfortable knowing you’re taken care of in the case of medical need.

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