If you’re a resident of The Charming City, you know that living in Phnom Penh makes dining out just too easy: the restaurants are endless (a few personal favorites at the moment: The Common Tiger, Meat & Drink, Aperitivo, Doors, Da Sandro, Dim Sum Emperors), you’re spoiled for choice, and the prices are generally fantastic value for what you’re getting. What’s even better than dining out? Ordering in.

As a self proclaimed couch potato (although a good gym session is always appreciated… but only after it’s finished) I love to order my meals in so I can lounge in track pants and watch Adventure Time. Grocery shopping can be a chore with food going bad all the time just sitting in the fridge because I’m out at night for networking events, work, shows, dinner with friends, or am sometimes just too plain tired to cook at the end of the day. Also, have you ever tried carrying eight huge bags full of groceries on the back of a moto in the sweltering heat? Those bicep curls definitely come in handy. I remember thinking in the United States how much I had wished KFC, MARROW, or McDonalds would deliver straight to my door- as if drive thrus weren’t good enough.

In Phnom Penh? They do. And it’s magic. With a number of food delivery services already available, it’s always interesting to see a new (inter)face in town: this time being Food Panda. It was mentioned it to me in the office- we’re always talking food, delivery, service, and the like- and I thought I’d take a gander. While I do enjoy using the other delivery services currently available and sometimes call directly to the restaurant (if we can understand each other enough) I have had some negative experiences with all of the ones I have tried. Each has their strengths and weakness and some offer restaurants that others don’t. With the amount of restaurants in town it doesn’t seem like these type of services will be slowing down any time soon. That and the number of people who, just like me, can’t be bothered to cook that night or found their ground beef to have gone a bit “off” since a week ago when they bought it.

Clicking through the Food Panda site is definitely a different type of layout and way of ordering than the other sites I have used. Instead of scrolling through a list of dining spots and choosing on a whim, you enter the area in which you’d like your food delivered and the site prompts you to various restaurants. This option can be helpful, since some restaurants won’t deliver to specific areas of the city after a certain time, if it’s very rainy (they know how it can flood!), or if it’s just too far away. The feeling of getting a call saying you won’t be able to have your Diavola pizza when you’ve been craving it all day is exceptionally sad. So even while the list of options resto-wise are still slightly sparse on Food Panda at the moment, I think this international (Asian and European) delivery chain will soon ramp up, add a host of new eateries to their list, hopefully service-wise surpass the rest, and join the ranks of the other food to your door sites in town.  It seems that there is always something new, something different, and something fresh becoming available- especially for this internet reliant society- and Food Panda may just be the new kid in town that changes things up. Definitely keep an eye on this site because next time you’re hankering for a box of chicken bites from KFC or Parma Chicken from Aussie XL and don’t feel like getting up, your food is only a click away.



  1. I personally use food panda alot, i stayed in klang valley (Malaysia) and sometimes the jam is ridiculous and you rather just let the delivery guy to suffer the jam alone lol. The best about food panda is they provide delivery of famous restaurant like tgif, chatime even sake sushi. Honestly, who would ever thought of having those delivery back to your house? Oh btw for those who want to use their service I got this food panda discount code from my friend where you can get rm10 off your order. Enjoy! Just a little shout out to your Malaysian fans author :)

    1. Awesome! Thanks for the heads up- I’m looking forward to seeing how it comes together here and hopefully they have even more offerings than the other sites!

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