DNAK Square.


If a deli or grocer sells meat- and quality, rich, well cured meat at that- I will be a loyal patron.

I had my first experience at DNAK Square for the first time last night and was extremely and pleasantly surprised.

Even the exterior aesthetic is impressive with a covered outdoor patio, reminiscent of the tropics in Thailand with details down to the rope wrapped around the banisters and lit up in BKK, DNAK Square shines brightly atop a modern and somewhat eerily familiar building.


I miss groceries like Metropolitan Market, PCC, and Whole Foods from back in the states and for once since living in Cambodia, it felt like I was close to something along those lines- if not better in some ways, as it seems to be the first!


The service was wonderful. Attentive, but not too attentive as in standing over your shoulder as you dine or drink your tea. The owner, Amy, personally introduced herself and her warmth and openness segued to a quick interaction that led to the realization that we were both celebrating our 11 month anniversaries in Cambodia, both coming from the United States, and that she knows my mom, Sheila. According to Amy, from the “many times she bought roast beef for sandwiches for the football boys”. Sounds like my mom! While I had eaten before our meeting,

JB was presented with a a wooden platter of meats, cheeses, and vegetables that any simple feast lover would have appreciated and the Gryphon teas that we sipped were perfect blends and an ideal way to top off a  Thursday night. Unlike many of our compatriots in the city- work was managed without a cocktail in hand.


I didn’t get to look too closely at the adbundant offerings of gourmet products DNAK stocks as we had a lot of work to get through, but I did notice a grand lit case stuffed full of cured meats neon labeled “gourmet charcuterie”. Yes, please.

CHARCUTERIEDigby’s produces all of their high quality meat products themselves, in town in their own factory and have extremely high standards as to what they put out. Whether you’re in the mood for smoked apple sausages or a hefty certified Black Angus steak- you’re in luck.

There were plenty of quirky touches added to the space that not only serves as a high end intimate grocery but also as a café and restaurant with a tapas bar to be added on the top floor in coming days. The vintage décor, Eames style chairs, and minimal yet welcoming ambiance proves perfect for a lovely lunch, a great meeting, or a catch up over coffee.

I noticed a wide assortment of caviars, special cooking oils and rubs, along with a delightful array of meat that would have any chef itching to get in the kitchen.


DNAK Square (& Digby’s Butchery), you’ve done well.

Now prepare the bacon!

DNAK Square

#197 Street 63 BKK1 (Corner of Street 306)

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