Adam J Design.


I’m an art critic by no means, but I can confidently say Adam Jackson is one of my favorite illustrators ever.

Mr. Jackson and I met through his younger brothers (who are equally as awesome, talented, and hilarious) and mutual friends seven years ago.

Since then, I’ve had the honor of becoming friends with his beautiful, amazing wife Savannah and seeing (some, a year away has you missing a lot!) the growth of their handsome son while watching the rest of his family grow with amazing people, children, and friends. He taught me loads at the Emerald City Comicon and we went bananas when we each got a personalized copy of Jim Mahfood’s art book.

Throughout our friendship, I’ve been able to watch his work evolve and change from the first pieces I saw to his most recent clothing line, LOVEDUST and all the fascinating and talent-ridden projects he’s worked on in between. Working with Imperial Motion, I was able to see much of his artwork (on clothing, print, anything) come into Bleach and sell out like hot cakes. On many occasions, people would come in and stockpile his pieces!

I’ve been lucky enough to be the subject of a few of his pieces and wanted to share them here along with some of his other excellent works.

Make sure to visit his blog and stay updated on his ever progressing projects; his incredible talent, warm heart, and vivacious spirit will continue to make its way across the world and until I see the Jackson family next, I’ll remember his last words to me at my going away party “you’re like my little sister, take care. We love you.”

Family, indeed.

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