The reactions I get in the office when I let loose a hefty spray of Lavender Raid on the unrelenting mosquitoes are mixed. From my Western compatriots, cheers and delight-from my Khmer co-workers-disdain and warnings that it will eventually kill me rather than the bugs.

So it’s either I suffer from yearlong itchy bug bites, the risk of Dengue come rainy season, and scarring from scratching said bites-or I inhale a slight bit of chemical substance (much less than my morning hairspray ritual, packs of ESSE menthol, and I oh-I don’t know, walking around the smog and dust of Phnom Penh).

While there are plenty of natural mosquito repellents- I’m going to have to give a shout to Mrs. White’s Unstung Hero Mosquito Spray. This nontoxic spray imparts a light lemon tea scent without leaving an oily or sticky residue. It’s a bit pricey, but since you can wear it as a light fragrance while keeping away bloodsuckers- it might be worth it to order up here.

So go forth into the wilderness (or your office-same, same) and spritz freely.

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